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Works of Social Sciences Pioneers

An open access repository of books, journal articles, research papers, and other publications produced by Filipino social science researchers.

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A Study of People s Power, Bangus Fry Catchers in Control of Production4.45 Mb
Documentation of Specific Area Experiences in Primary Health Care6.27 Mb
Gender and Development Making the Bureaucracy Gender Responsive9.63 Mb
How Much Really Goes to Women, A Case Study on the G A D Budget in Angeles City2.04 Mb
Kinship and Social Relations in Filipino Culture998.3 Kb
Love in the Time of Ina Morata6.25 Mb
Mga Ina ng Bayan15.27 Mb
Pakapa kapa as an Approach in Philippine Psychology245.57 Kb
Profiles of Disadvantaged Children, Street Children in Six Philippine Cities9.02 Mb
Re thinking the Filipino Family, Tracking Changes Across the Years.663.31 Kb
The Filipina Looks at Herself, A Review of Women s Studies in the Philippines1.61 Mb
The Filipina Looks at Herself, A Review of Women s Studies in the Philippines21.28 Mb
The Urban Filipino Worker in an Industrializing Society6.59 Mb
Underdevelopment and Women in the Informal Sector, The Case of Urban Workers and Rural Homeworkers I837.63 Kb
Understanding Child Labor in the Philippines609.25 Kb
Women s Education as an Instrumentfor Change, The Case of the Philippines(1)764.55 Kb
Women s Education as an Instrumentfor Change, The Case of the Philippines(2)764.55 Kb
Women s Education as an Instrumentfor Change, The Case of the Philippines(3)764.55 Kb
Women s Education as an Instrumentfor Change, The Case of the Philippines(4)764.55 Kb
Women s Education as an Instrumentfor Change, The Case of the Philippines764.55 Kb
Work Motivation and Productivity of Government Workers680.53 Kb

Filename / LinkSize
Acquiring Pilipino as a first language two case studies30.87 Mb
An unfinished symphony 934 days at D E C S18.4 Mb
Assessing resources for bilingual education16.6 Mb
Bilingual Communities, National and Regional Profiles and Verbal Repertoires780.22 Kb
Communicative language teaching in rural areas How does one make the irrelevant relevant1.56 Mb
Cooperative Projects in the Training of Social Scientists thru P S S C1.64 Mb
Country report The teaching of regional languages other than English in the Philippines1.79 Mb
Evaluating Bilingual Education in the Philippines582.61 Kb
Evaluating the Progress of Bilingual Education944.53 Kb
Filipinization of the Social Sciences A Red Herring816.32 Kb
Financial Resources for Social Science Research536.54 Kb
Language Policy Lessons of History89.84 Kb
Language and Nationalism in the Philippines502.28 Kb
Laws on education and the private school administrator32.68 Mb
Managing language and literature programs in the Philippine setting24.06 Mb
Manpower and Material Resources for Bilingual Educ Survey1.19 Mb
National Consultation on Updating the Teaching of English in the Phils1.14 Mb
On Localizing Social Science Research2.74 Mb
Outline of A Generative Semantic Description29 Mb
Philippines English, Readings in Philippines Sociolinguistics191.18 Kb
Pilipino in the Year 2000, Language Planning and the Building of a National Language1.02 Mb
Sociolinguistics in the Philippines149.63 Kb
The Academic Lifestyle as a Cultural Innovation469.17 Kb
The Intellectualization of Filipino Agenda for the 21st C201.69 Kb
The language provision of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines22.71 Mb
Three studies on Philippine English across generations Towards an integration and some implications10.92 Mb

Filename / LinkSize
Agrarian Reform and Poverty Reduction in the Philippines202.81 Kb
Agricultural Growth Employment Growth and Rural Poverty1.27 Mb
Agricultural Growth Landlessness Off farm Employment and Rural Poverty in the Philippines7.97 Mb
Agricultural Growth and Rural Performance a Philippine Perspective991.82 Kb
Aids in the Philippines New Estimates for Policy Analysis734.73 Kb
An Analysis of the Philippine Inter Island Shipping Industry1.34 Mb
An Overview Spatial Development, Land Use, and Urban Rural Growth Linkages in the Philippines888.42 Kb
Anatomy of Poverty during Adjustment The Case of the Philippines2.78 Mb
Anatomy of Rural Household Welfare, The Philippines2.05 Mb
Approaches to Targeting the Poor8.27 Mb
Aspects of Employment Location, Regional Redistribution, and Poverty and Inequality in the Philippines1.04 Mb
Averting Hunger and Food Insecurity In Asia165.1 Kb
Changes In Spatial Income Inequality In the Philippines289.47 Kb
Conceptual Framework for the Development of an Integrated Poverty Monitoring and Indicator System15.09 Mb
Demand for Food in the Philippines, Responses to Price and Income Changes1.05 Mb
Deregulation in Philippine Agriculture3.02 Mb
Did the Estrada Administration Benefit the Poor.763.47 Kb
Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in the Philippines620.4 Kb
Dynamics of Rural Development Linkages Poverty and Incomes Distribution1.19 Mb
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Vietnam529.06 Kb
Economic Incentives and Comparative Advantage in the Philippine Cotton Industry1.36 Mb
Economic Policies and Capital Formation in Philippine Agriculture841.04 Kb
Employment Structure and Urban Growth1.57 Mb
Equivalence Scale and Poverty Assessment in a Poor Country557.05 Kb
Getting the Story Right, Growth, Redistribution, and Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines1.55 Mb
Going Beyond Cross Country Averages Revisiting Growth Inequality and Poverty in the Philippines123.55 Kb
Green Revolution type Growth, Policy Regime, and Income Distribution, The Philippine Case685.97 Kb
Growth Inequality Politics and Poverty Reduction in the Philippines90.27 Kb
Growth Inequality and Politics Revisited A Developing Country Case42.47 Kb
Growth Poverty and Income Inequality in the Philippines330.7 Kb
Growth and Equity in the Philippines, A Reexamination1.15 Mb
Growth and Equity in the Philippines1.74 Mb
High Population Growth Threatens Food Security97.29 Kb
In Search of Proxy Indicators for Poverty Targeting18.52 Mb
Inclusive Agribusiness Growth in the Philippines the Role of Direct and Indirect Channels with a Focus on the Labor Market3.59 Mb
Inequality, Poverty, and Urban Rural Growth Linkages2.78 Mb
Inequality In Asia A Synthesis of Recent Research on the Levels Trends Effects and Determinants of Inequality in its Diff~1996.45 Kb
Is Spatial Income Inequality Increasing in the Philippines163.57 Kb
M D G 1 In the Philippines Setting the Scores Right and Achieving the Targets709.28 Kb
Mainstreaming Agriculture in the Development Agenda476.54 Kb
Philippine Agricultural Development in Historical Perspective20.84 Mb
Philippine Policy Linkages Scoping Study191.92 Kb
Policy Reforms and Agricultural Development in the Philippines909.2 Kb
Political Investment in Economic Protection, A Note424.78 Kb
Poverty, Urbanization and Development Policy, A Philippine Perspective6.66 Mb
Poverty in the Philippines, An Update and Reexamination2.1 Mb
Regional Development Dynamics and Decentralization in the Philippines Ten Lessons from a Fast Starter649.49 Kb
Revisiting Growth and Poverty Reduction in South Indonesia445.73 Kb
Robust Determinants of Income Growth in the Philippines468.74 Kb
Rural Growth, Food Security, and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Asian Countries1.85 Mb
Rural Poverty in the Philippines, Incidence, Issues and Policies13.79 Mb
Rural Poverty In Southeast Asia Issues Policies and Challenges677.01 Kb
Securing Rice, Reducing Poverty886.21 Kb
Social Impact of the Global Financial Crisis in the Philippines1006.49 Kb
Tackling Poverty and Social Impacts1.08 Mb
Targeting Transfers to the Poor the Case of Food Subsidies1.27 Mb
The Human Face of Poverty During a Period of Macroeconomic Adjustment4.4 Mb
The Dynamics of Regional Development the Philippines In East Asia766.13 Kb
The Human Face of Poverty During a Period of Macroeconomic Adjustment2.7 Mb
The Philippine Economy Development, Policies, and Challenges2.67 Mb
The Philippine Development Puzzle2.07 Mb
The Philippine Economy and Poverty During the Global Economic Crisis1008.2 Kb
The Philippines and Regional Development An Overview686.77 Kb
The Political Contest for Land Reform in a Developing Country1.23 Mb
The Poor During A Period of Macroeconomic Adjustment3.06 Mb
The Principles and Practice of Sustainable Economic Development, Overview and Synthesis551.74 Kb
What Do We Really Know or Don t Know about Economic Inequality and Poverty in the Philippines.2.36 Mb
What Does It Take to Win the War Against Poverty in the Philippines1.29 Mb
What Else Besides Growth Matters to Poverty Reduction Philippines68.39 Kb
What Has Really Happened to Poverty in the Philippines New Measures Evidence and Policy Implications3.13 Mb
Why Does Poverty Persist in the Philippines Facts, Fancies, and Policies928.47 Kb

Filename / LinkSize
A Bittersweet Taste of Sugar4.43 Mb
A Family Planning Acceptor Study3.35 Mb
A Tribute to Frank Lynch S. J.(1)2.87 Mb
A Tribute to Frank Lynch S. J.2.87 Mb
Ateneo de Manila 1976 Housing Survey5.17 Mb
Beyond the Minimum Wage1.02 Mb
Brain Drain in the Philippines2.13 Mb
Cognitive Mapping in the Tagalog Area1.4 Mb
Farmers of the River Basin s Land Consolidation Project Area(1)2.73 Mb
Farmers of the River Basin s Land Consolidation Project Area2.73 Mb
Four Readings on Philippine Values3.02 Mb
Happiness Starts With A Good Job And A Good Home5.59 Mb
How Well Does It Work in Camarines Sur2.61 Mb
I P C D S W Home Aide Service Evaluation6.02 Mb
I P C P O P C O M 1971 Mass Media Study5.6 Mb
J E A I P C Textbook Needs Inquiry5.2 Mb
Medical Services and Nutrition in the Bicol River Basin7.03 Mb
Of Blackbirds and Boxes328.79 Kb
Patterns of Income Distribution and Household Spending in the Bicol River Basin4.36 Mb
Perspectives on Filipino Clannishness310.39 Kb
Revelance Philippine Style663.56 Kb
Review of Ilocano Rice Farmers by H. Lewis62.45 Kb
Rice Farm Harvests and Practices in Camarines Sur2.98 Mb
Socioeconomic Status of Ateneo Students and Selected Inventories of Philippine National Proble3.53 Mb
Sociological Surveys in the Rural Philippines955.04 Kb
The B lit Manobo the Tasaday154.18 Kb
The Filipino Family Community and Nation2.83 Mb
The Filipino Family, Community and Nation The same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow7.88 Mb
The Flipflop Power of Press Release1.35 Mb
The I P C P O M C H 1970 National Survey9.04 Mb
The Philippine Peace Corps Survey Final Report769.45 Kb
The Philippine Peace Corps Survey35.73 Mb
The Proposed Balongay Fishpond Estate944.48 Kb
The Role of a Social Science Research Org.277.64 Kb
The Unemployed And Underemployed in the Bicol River Basin3.74 Mb
These Are The Problems We Face Daw674.48 Kb
Trends Report of Studies in Social Stratificaiton and Social Mobility in the Philippines32.98 Mb
What Rice Farmers of Camarines Sur Say They Want from The Philippine Government1.59 Mb
Where Do They Go, What Do they Go1.83 Mb
Who Get the Jobs The Old or the Educated2.88 Mb