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The Philippine Social Science Center

This modest work is an “historical overview”, or “historical sketch,” perhaps, even a silhouette of the rise and development of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) as a unique institution. It is primarily an attempt to trace PSSC’s roots in the late 1960s and its steady growth in the seventies, up to its development as the full-blown social science organization that it is today, an organization with, among others, a moderately-sized Secretariat and a modest endowment or trust fund, desktop publishing and conference-support capabilities, and a growing social science library and bookshop. It has also become an income- generating enterprise through its Central Subscription Service and publications, and especially, as landlord to some associations and outfits whose activities as PSSC associate members naturally have something to do with the social sciences.

How the PSSC Started

The Philippine Social Science Center (PSSCenter) was built in 1983 on a land owned by the University of the Philippines. The Japanese government provided 1.3 Billion yen for the construction of the PSSCenter, which has three floors built on an H-shaped floor plan and interconnected wings surrounding an inner courtyard. PSSC Executive Board Chair Leslie E. Bauzon described it as a gift of the Japanese people to the Filipinos, “a concrete symbol of the friendship and cooperation between the two peoples” and “a manifestation of the commitment of the Philippines and Japan to engage in cultural exchange based on mutual respect and equality.”

Japanese Ambassador Yoshio Okawa expressed his country’s appreciation on being “given the opportunity to play a part, modest though it may be, in the promotion of the social sciences in the Philippines.”

PSSCenter houses the offices of the PSSC Secretariat as well as the Council’s regular member-organizations.

PSSCenter also offers secure and excellent facilities that cater to different types of functions, including conferences, seminars and social gatherings. The function room can be set-up according to the clients’ needs. Audio-visual equipment are also available for rent.

Today, PSSC is one of the country’s longest running and financially viable non-profit organizations. It has carved its niche as a base for developing social science scholarship and training, and repository of social science resources in the country.

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