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Evaluation Study of the Implementation of RA 10612

Dates of Implementation/Duration:

May 16, 2022 to March 15, 2023 

Partner Institution:



The study collected benchmark information on and assessed the key performance indicators to be evaluated.  It examined the relationship between inputs, outputs, and outcomes and impacts of the RA 10612 operations among its program beneficiaries. 

Its specific objectives are:

  1. To describe the process of selection of the scholars and the quality of assistance or support given to them;
  2. To explore the process of engagement or recruitment into the DepEd teaching personnel as well as the scholars’ compliance with the service requirement of the program;
  3. To trace the current status of scholars with available contact information;  
  4. To find out the factors and reasons of the scholars for the non-completion and non-compliance to the service requirements; 
  5. To describe and find out training programs’ usefulness or relevance to the scholars and their  practice;
  6. To  identify the gaps and areas for improvement in the implementation of RA10612 relative to key performance indicators/parameters, specifically its  relevance to the beneficiaries, communities, and 
  7. To provide recommendations to DOST-SEI on how to improve the program operations as stipulated in Sec. 16.

About the Project

On 23 August 2013, then-President Benigno S. Aquino III approved Republic Act 10612, also known as the “Fast-Tracked S&T Scholarship Act of 2013”. The general objective of the legislation is to strengthen the country’s science and technology education by fast-tracking sciences, mathematics, and engineering graduates to teach science and mathematics subjects in secondary schools throughout the country. The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) leads the implementation of RA 10612. As such, it is also responsible for the evaluation, award-giving, and monitoring of scholarship grants and the awardees. It is likewise tasked with coordinating with other relevant agencies in the fulfillment of the goals of this Act. DOST-SEI collaborated with the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) to conduct research and evaluate the implementation of the program and give recommendations for its improvement.  Generally,  the research seeks to answer the question, “How relevant and effective is the implementation of RA 10612?”.