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Dates of Implementation/Duration:  

Partner Institution: Department of Environment and Natural Resources


 This research is intended to collect data from DENR’s six (6) bureaus to locally stocktake on the following:

  1. perceptions/knowledge of climate change and its impact on lives, economy, food security, and the environment;
  2. understanding of the concepts: CC mitigation, adaptation, financing and equity, CC responsive indicators, Paris Agreement, COP26, net-zero emissions, and Nationally Determined Contributions;
  3. initiatives of the bureaus and the current state in climate change adaptation, prioritizing, financing, implementing and communicating these to the communities;
  4. how CC programs are identified, financed, implemented, supported, monitored, and evaluated;
  5. narratives on the challenges and best practices in prioritizing climate change actions and multi-sectoral collaboration; and,
  6. capacity building needs and programs for its officers and staff.

Project Description:

In November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland (Conference of the Parties, COP26), nations met to reach an agreement on tackling climate change and consider this urgent agenda. Countries are urged to commit to a net zero carbon emission, set climate change adaptation programs, mobilize finance, and work together to address the impact of climate change. Countries are also encouraged to conduct stocktaking to assess what actions were taken to address climate change to avert massive impact on lives and the environment, and what it has achieved in attaining its Nationally Determined Contribution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The timeline for the stocktaking or the information collection and preparation is in 2021 and these reports are expected to be submitted for the global stocktaking in 2022.

To generate information on the knowledge and practices of DENR key officials and their pertinent policies and programs in response to Climate Change (CC), Focus Group Discussions (FGD) among the Bureau Chiefs and some officers of the Environmental Management, Mines and GeoSciences, Forest Management, Land Management, Biodiversity and Management and, Ecosystems Research and Development Bureaus were conducted last were December 9 and 16, 2022. Documents pertaining to their CC-related programs and reports are also analyzed to enrich the questions that will be raised during the FGD.

The research revealed their perceptions and knowledge of basic concepts of Climate Change (CC), programs and policies related to CC action, process in identifying and planning CC programs, and their personal initiatives in responding and mitigating CC.