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First National Summit on Public Administration and the Youth for Good Governance: Engaging the Youth in Grounded Public Administration and Governance for Democratization, Decentralization and Development

Dates of Implementation/Duration:  October 2010

Partner Institution: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Civil Service Commission (CSC), Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA), Association of Schools of Public Administration in the Philippines (ASPAP)


The objectives of the youth summit are to: 

  • Lay the platform for public administration and youth involvement towards democratization, decentralization, and development (3 Ds) in 2011; 
  • Discuss the state of public administration and governance as a field of study in the Philippines; 
  • Bring together a core group of young/future public administration leaders; 
  • Provide a venue for public administration academics, students and future leaders to locate their role in the study and practice of public administration and governance; and 
  • Engage them in preparing a roadmap for academics and young student leaders in governance, improving public service delivery, and local governance.

Project Description:

The summit targeted students of public administration and young leaders from all over the country. They had essentially by default – and by choice – declared their intention to build their careers in public service and be involved in governance practices. Hence, targeting them was strategic for a sustained effort to engage the youth in promoting responsive governance and accountability, and to develop them as future public servants and leaders. 

Moreover, the summit intended to organize the young and future leaders of public administration – in partnership with ASPAP member schools – as the youth arm of PSPA.  It served as the vehicle for strategic reach, continuity and stability, and sustainability of interventions for youth involvement in good governance.

The youth summit was conducted in connection with the 19th anniversary celebration of the Local Government Code of 1991 and the 100th day of the President of the Republic of the Philippines on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10).