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Economic Impact Assessment of Semirara Mining and Power Corporation

Dates of Implementation/Duration:  1 June to 30 October 2022

Partner Institution: SMPC


  1. To collect benchmark information on the economic condition of the communities that participated or are beneficiaries of SMPC’s economic programs and projects;
  2. To examine the relationship between inputs, outputs, and outcomes and impacts of the SMPC operations among its program beneficiaries; 
  3. To assess the performance of SMPC’s operations relative to key economic indicators/parameters, specifically SMPC program’s relevance to the communities; efficiency of program delivery, and effectiveness; and 
  4. To assess the applicability sustainability of these economic indicators for the development and well-being of the beneficiaries.
  5. To provide written recommendations, if any, to SMPC on how to improve its performance relative to the key economic indicators/parameters assessed for the development and well-being of the beneficiaries.

Project Description:

The SMPC wants an Economic Impact Assessment (“EIA”) of its mining operations in order to find out its relevance in the area and how well it has affected the lives of the employees and local residents of the Municipality of Caluya in terms of their economic activities, such as employment, income, and other economic indicators. This will be significant to SMPC since the result of the study will inform its decision making on its resource allocation, financial planning, and long-term plans in general. The study will serve as a benchmark data on which SMPC may use to further understand the development and changes it has brought to the community. It would be able to assess the benefits that the community may have enjoyed and further determine its future actions either in the form of expansion or reprogramming. On the part of the SMPC beneficiaries, the study’s significance lies in their ability to gain economic empowerment and provide feedback on how SMPC’s program’s bear upon their economic well-being.