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The Philippine Review of Economics vol 56 no 1-2


Various Authors

Journal articles inside:

  • Some reflections on the state of development economics in Asia by Hal C. Hill and Sisira Jayasuriya
  • The monkey in the mirror and other tales of central bank forward guidance by Eli M. Remolona
  • A BSP closer to the people: spreading the benefits of monetary and financial stability by Benjamin E. Diokno
  • Digit ratio and prosocial behavior: the role of innate aggression in public goods and trust games by Jahm Mae E. Guinto et al.
  • A note on cooperative hunting: Holmstrom, Fabella, and the Dumagat of Tanay by Orville C. Solon
  • The case against the case for land reform: transaction costs and misplaced exogeneity by Karl L. Jandoc and James A. Roumasset
  • Toward a fairer society : inequality and competition policy in developing Asia by Arsenio M. Balisacan
  • Sovereign determination or disguised protectionism?: the vitamin C case by Ma. Joy V. Abrenica
  • Recent trends in the gender gap in the labor market in the Philippines by Mitzie Irene P. Conchada et al.
  • Automation, gigs, and other labor market tales: the Philippines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Emmanuel F. Esguerra
  • Revisiting the aid-growth nexus in light of the Sachs-Easterly debate by Sarah Lynne S. Daway-Ducanes and Irene Jo E. Arzadon
  • Public debt and the threat of secession by Rhea M. Molato-Gayares
  • What the new institutional economics owes Marx by Emmanuel S. de Dios

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