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Philippine Journal of Psychology Vol 50 No 2


Various Authors

The Philippine Journal of Psychology (PJP) is an international refereed journal published biannually by the Psychological Association of the Philippines. It is the flagship journal of psychology in the Philippines, and its principal aim is to promote psychological studies in the Philippines and psychological studies of the Filipino people. The PJP publishes articles representing scholarly works of Philippine psychologists, articles on psychological studies conducted with Filipino participants and/or conducted in Philippine society, cross-cultural studies including a Philippine sample, and articles of general interest to psychologists studying and working with Filipino people.


  • Exploring Political Values of Filipinos Using an Etic Approach by Allan B.I. Bernardo
  • War on Crime and Drugs: Understanding Support for the Anti-Crime and Anti-Drugs Campaign by Randolfh Nerona
  • The Role of Social Perceptions, Beliefs, and Emotions on Support for Punitive Action towards Drug Dealers and Users by Paul Danielle P. Labor and Maria Cecilia C. Gastardo-Conaco
  • The Pleasure Principle: Impulsivity Overpowers Condom Use Efficacy among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) by Jame Bryan L. Batara et al.
  • Defining Diskarte: Exploring Cognitive Processes, Personality Traits, and Social Constraints in Creative Problem-Solving by Marie Rose H. Morales
  • Correspondence Bias in the Attribution of Political Attitudes (A Replication of Jones and Harris’s (1967) Experiment on Correspondence Bias) by Ma. Jenina N. Nalipay
  • The Priming Effect of Family Obligation on Filipino Students’ Academic Performance by Claudie O. Retuya et al.
  • Merging Strategy and Talent Management: Challenges and Practical Applications by Joy Noree Maramba-Turqueza

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