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Philippine Journal of Psychology Vol 50 No 1


Various Authors

The Philippine Journal of Psychology (PJP) is an international refereed journal published biannually by the Psychological Association of the Philippines. It is the flagship journal of psychology in the Philippines, and its principal aim is to promote psychological studies in the Philippines and psychological studies of the Filipino people. The PJP publishes articles representing scholarly works of Philippine psychologists, articles on psychological studies conducted with Filipino participants and/or conducted in Philippine society, cross-cultural studies including a Philippine sample, and articles of general interest to psychologists studying and working with Filipino people.


  • Risk Factors for Combat-Related PTSD: Case Studies of Filipino Active Duty Soldiers by Cariñez Dela Cruz Fajarito and Rosalito G. De Guzman
  • Women in Polygynous Marriages: Their Perceptions and Experiences by Armia P. Usman-Ebrahim et al.
  • Negotiating the Streets: Hidden Resilience among Grown-Up Street Children in Manila by Daniel Wartenweiler
  • Anxiety-Attachment, Avoidance-Attachment and Gender as Predictors of Empathy among Adolescents by Apryl Mae C. Parcon
  • The Development of the Masaklaw na Panukat ng Loob (Mapa ng Loob) by Gregorio E. H. del Pilar

Notes Section

  • Biblical Narratives of Anger and Its Contemporary Psychological Implications by Nelly Z. Limbadan
  • Context Creates Compromise: How Contextual Information and Social Distance Affect Moral Judgment in Filipino Culture by Jose F. Magno IV, Jose M. Magno, and John Gabriel Robert R. Quintos

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