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Philippine Journal of Psychology Vol 49 No 1


Various Authors

The Philippine Journal of Psychology (PJP) is an international refereed journal published biannually by the Psychological Association of the Philippines. It is the flagship journal of psychology in the Philippines, and its principal aim is to promote psychological studies in the Philippines and psychological studies of the Filipino people. The PJP publishes articles representing scholarly works of Philippine psychologists, articles on psychological studies conducted with Filipino participants and/or conducted in Philippine society, cross-cultural studies including a Philippine sample, and articles of general interest to psychologists studying and working with Filipino people.


  • Behavioral Consequences of Psychological Contract Breach: Examining the Neutralizing Effects of Organization-based Self-esteem by Robert L. Tang and Peter Lemuel T. Cayayan
  • The Development and Validation of a Filipino Social Desirability Scale by Louie P. Cagasan, Jr.
  • Validation of the Philippine Version of the Relationship and Motivation Scales (REMO-P) by Diana Raufelder, Frances Hoferichter and Marilou B. Francisco
  • Sugboanong’ Taras: A Glimpse of Cebuano Personality by Philip Albert Y. Lagahid and Nera Mae A. Puyo
  • Athlete Engagement: A Qualitative Investigation of the US American Athlete by Michele Joan D. Valbuena, John Saunders and Vanessa Rice
  • On the Nature, Purpose, and Utility of Psychological Evaluation Reports

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