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Philippine Journal of Linguistics Vol 49


Various Authors

The Philippine Journal of Linguistics, the official scholarly journal of the Linguistics Society of the Philippines, is an international peer-reviewed journal of research in linguistics. Published once a year in December, it aims to serve as a forum for original studies in descriptive, comparative, historical, and areal linguistics. Although its primary interest is in linguistic theory, it also publishes papers on the application of theory to language teaching, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, anthropological linguistics, among others. Papers on applied linguistics should, however, ne chiefly concerned with principles which underlie specific techniques. Articles are published in English, although papers written in Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, will occasionally appear. Since the Linguistic Society of the Philippines is composed of members whose paramount interest is the Philippine languages, papers on these and related languages are given priority in publication. This does not mean, however, that the Journal will limit its scope to the Austronesian language family. Studies on any aspect of language structure are welcome.


  • Investigating the status of English as a lingua franca in Southeast Asia: Intelligibility and comprehensibility of ASEAN Englishes among Filipino college students by Jeff B. Roxas
  • The role of second person pronouns in expressing social behavior: An undocumented case in Zamboanga Chavacano by Gefilloyd L. De Castro
  • Linguistic politeness strategies in classroom interactions: An exploratory mixed methods study by Karen Joy B. Umila
  • Agenda for sociolinguistics in the Philippines for the 21st century/ Mga layon para sa dalubwikang-panlipunan sa Pilipinas sa ika-21 siglo by Ariane Macalinga Borlongan
  • BOOK REVIEW: World Englishes: Rethinking Paradigms Edited by EeLing Low and Anne Pakir by Mikhail Alic C. Go
  • LSP Annual Report for 2018

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