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Historical Bulletin Vol 54


Various Authors

In 2019, the Philippine Historical Association held its annual national conference on the theme of “Facing the Challenges of Historical Distortions an Opening a New Horizons in History.”

This Particular issue of the Historical Bulletin contains selected articles from the aforementioned conference.


  • One Country, Many Histories
    by Rene Escalante
  • Halimaw na Nilikha ng mga Manghihimagsik at mga Amerikano: Pagpapalaya sa Macabebe mula sa mga Mito at maling impresyon
    by Ian Christopher B. Alfonso
  • Imperial medicine and physicians: healthcare system in late Spanish Colonial Manila
    by Yoshihiro Chiba
  • The Medicalization of Disability during the American Colonial Period (1903-1935)
    by Ma. Donna S. Rebong
  • Creating the Ideal Colonial Child: Moral Education in the American Period Philippines, 1900-1935
    by Olivia Anne M. Habana

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