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AGHAMTAO Vol. 28 2020


Various Authors

Aghamtao is the official journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, inc. (UGAT), the Anthropological Association of the Philippines. Beginning with its maiden issue in 1978 devoted to a stocktaking of Anthropology in the Philippines, Aghamtao continues provide a forum for the scholarship and practice of anthropology in the Philippines. Aghamtao comes out as a regular issue in October, an from time to time may have a second special issue. All submissions undergo a double-blind peer review process.

Editors’ Notes
Islamic models of social justice in South Sulawesi, Indonesia by Thomas Gibson, p. 1

UGAT Archives

  • Status of the Moros’ Struggle for the Right to Self-Determination by Mohagher Iqbal. p. 23
    Mapangahas na Pananaliksik: Pagbubuo ng kaalaman at katatagan sa ‘gera laban sa droga by Teresa Jopson and Aliya Sakaran, p. 45
  • Tadao Kano (1906-1945) and Japanese Imperialism in Taiwan and Southeast Asia by Kyung-soo Chun, p. 74
  • ‘Bakla’ at ‘Gay’: Pagbabalik-tanaw sa kasaysayan, nagbabagong mga konteksto, at pagpapakahulugan by Felino S. Garcia, Jr., p. 131
  • Mga tala sa pananaliksik: Ang pagiging batang ina sa San Nicoloas, Batangas by Krisandra A. Mariano and Maria Kathryn N. Purnell, p. 159
  • Toward gender equality and women’s human rights: platforms for critical engagement, p. 169
  • A forest people and COVID-19: representations and practices of the Pala’wan highlanders by Nicole Revel, p. 191


Report on human rights violations in Mindanao by Aurora Roxas-Lim, p. 198



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