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Philippine Migration Research Network

A multidisciplinary community of researchers contributing to the understanding of migration in human development and social transformation

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The Philippine Migration Research Network (PMRN) was organized in February 1996 under the auspices of the Philippine Social Science Council to advance knowledge and understanding of national and international migration trends and developments.

The direct impetus for PMRN was UNESCO’s major program in the Social and Human Sciences, the Management of Social Transformation (MOST) Programme, which aimed to promote “international, comparative and policy-relevant research on contemporary social transformations and issues of global importance.”

PMRN organizes fora, conferences, and roundtable discussions that tackle and bring to fore relevant issues in local and international migration.
PMRN is composed mainly of social scientists and migration researchers working in academe, government, and the private and non-government sectors. Join PMRN and become part of this network!
Since its inception in 1996, PMRN has been producing publications where migration scholars are able to disseminate their studies to a wider audience.
PMRN is a member of two networks that work for migrant advocacy: (1) the Philippine Migrant Health Network, and (2) the Inter-Agency Committee on the Celebration of Month of Overseas Filipinos.


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