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Philippine Social Science Council Event Photo
Resource persons leading the discussions during the inaugural Migration Dialogues forum, delving on "The Philippine Schools Overseas (PSO) Curriculum: Delivering Basic Education to the Children of Filipino Migrants" on 21 June 2019 at the PSSC Auditorium.

Knowledge Sharing

PMRN organizes fora, conferences, and roundtable discussions that tackle and bring to fore relevant issues in local and international migration. In 2019, it launched the Migration Dialogues, an annual forum that brings together scholars and stakeholders from the academe, government, civil society, the migrant sector, and other relevant sectors produce lively discussions that can lead to a better understanding of and informed decision-making on migration-related issues and challenges. In 2020, Migration Dialogues turned digital, reaching even more stakeholders worldwide through a series of webinars. PMRN’s most recent Migration Dialogues delved on the following:

  • Migrants in the Frontlines: The State of Filipino Health Care Workers in the United States (20 August 2020, view recording)
  • Quo Vadis, ASEAN? The Future of International Migration in ASEAN Amidst COVID-19 (23 July 2020, view recording)
  • Babalik Ka Rin? Challenges of Return and Reintegration Amidst COVID-19 (16 June 2020, view recording)
  • The State of Filipino Seafarers and COVID-19 (25 May 2020, view recording)
  • Filipinos in the U.K. and COVID-19 (13 May 2020, view recording)
  • Overseas Filipinos and the Pandemic (20 April 2020, view recording)
  • The Philippine Schools Overseas (PSO) Curriculum: Delivering Basic Education to the Children of Filipino Migrants (21 June 2019, PSSC Auditorium)
  • Nationals or Nationalists Wanted? Dual Citizens as Public Servants (21 June 2019, PSSC Auditorium)
  • Forum on the globalization of households in Pacific Asia and Filipino Migration (18 March 2006)
  • Colloquiuim on the Filipino youth in Rome, Italy (5 January 2006)
  • Regional Conference on transnational communities in the Philippines with a Special Session on the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003, and the 2003 Overseas Absentee Voting Act (28-29 May 2024)
  • Symposium on transnational communities and diasporic connections of overseas Filipinos in Asia and the USA (22 March 2001)
  • Symposium on Filipino female entertainers abroad; returning migrant workers and their families; foreign nationals in the Philippines; and international migration and the nation-state in Asia (4 February 2000)
  • The Post-Maastricht Migration Policy of the European Union and the Filipino Migrant Workers’ Community in Barcelona: Issues and Implications (12 August 1998)
  • Forum on skills inventory of migrant workers; violence against women migrant workers; and the Migrant Workers Act (6 February 1997)

Special Projects

Aside from the Migration Dialogues, PMRN also engages in commissioned projects that benefit the community of Filipino migrants worldwide. In 2014-2016, PMRN implemented the Capacity-building on Crisis Management and Assistance to Migrant Nationals: The Philippines (CMAN) Project funded by the International Organization for Migration. The project entailed the preparation of a national operations manual and the conversion of the manual into an interactive learning tool that will strengthen the Philippine government’s capacity to respond to emergencies and crisis situations affecting Filipinos abroad.


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