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The Past, Present, and Future
of Philippine Labor Migration

50 Years and Beyond
18-19 July 2024
Philippine Social Science Center, Quezon City

The year 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the Labor Code of the Philippines which paved the way for the Philippines to participate in international labor migration. This development coincided with the emergence of employment opportunities in the oil-rich countries in the Gulf region. The Philippines was among the countries in Asia which responded to the call for workers by Gulf countries. At the time, the Philippine state conceived of international labor migration as a temporary measure, with the expectation that it would come to an end when economic conditions improved. But economic, political, social and cultural factors came together to sustain the phenomenon. Except for a decline in deployment levels during the pandemic years (2020-2022), temporary labor migration is easing back into pre-pandemic levels, and is likely to revert to the path of increasing deployment in the years ahead.  

The main rationale of the conference is to reflect on the Philippines’ long experience with temporary labor migration and its multifaceted impacts on Philippine society and Filipinos at home and in the global community. Over the years, the OFW phenomenon has attracted much research interest, resulting in a rich body of knowledge about the evolution of overseas employment and how the Philippine state and other institutions shaped the phenomenon.  Half a century later, it is time to review what has transpired, to know where we are now, and to envision how international labor migration will figure in Philippine society in the context of mega-trends in the global community.

The conference will be dedicated to reflecting on selected aspects of temporary labor migration and will mostly take an academic approach to examining the past, present and future of overseas employment. The conference aims to highlight the migration knowledge produced by scholars in the Philippines, in the diaspora, and global scholars, and the contributions of evidence-based knowledge in furthering a better understanding of the drivers and consequences of temporary labor migration.

Call for Posters

Due to time constraints, the conference can only accommodate a limited number of sessions. The conference will include a poster exhibit for the dissemination of various aspects of overseas employment in the Philippines. Prizes will be awarded to the best three posters.

Participants of the poster exhibit and competition must meet the following requirements:

  • Poster entries must not have been previously presented in other conferences.
  • Presenter must be a registered participant of the conference.

The poster should be printed on tarpaulin 33 inches wide and 78 inches high. The roll-up banner stand will be provided by the organizers. Please leave a free space of 2 inches at the top and 3 inches at the bottom for the poster set-up (it would require taping the bottom of the tarpaulin to the base of the stand and fastening the top of the poster with a slider).

The poster should be in high resolution and readable from two (2) meters away. The poster presenter will take care of the printing of the poster.

The poster should include the following parts:

  • Title
  • Full name and affiliation of the author/s
  • Abstract
  • Introduction (including background, objectives, and significance of the research)
  • Methodology, results, and interpretation/discussion, preferable presented in schematic diagrams, flowcharts, and properly-labeled tables and graphs
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Acknowledgment and key references

An electronic copy of the poster in high-resolution PDF format should be submitted through this link. The deadline for submission of poster entries is 30 June 2024. Accepted entries will be announced on 5 July 2024.

Poster entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific content/quality (40%)
  • Importance/impact (30%)
  • Visual presentation (10%)
  • Relevance to the conference theme (10%)
  • Ability of the poster presenter to answer questions (10%)

There will be three (3) winning poster entries with corresponding cash prizes as follows:

  • First Prize: PhP6,000 plus award certificate
  • Second Prize: PhP4,000 plus award certificate
  • Third Prize: PhP2,000 plus award certificate

How to Register

Conference participants are required to pre-register. The deadline for pre-registration and payment is 15 July 2024.

  1. To sign up for the conference, click on the button below or visit this link.
  2. Pay the registration fee via PayPal or credit/debit card (click here), or via bank deposit or transfer (see details below):
    • Account Name: Philippine Social Science Council Inc.
    • Account Number: 4822-1107-09
    • Bank Branch: Land Bank of the Philippines Diliman Branch
  3. Upload the proof of transaction (scanned copy or screenshot) in the registration form, or email it to to complete your registration and guarantee your slot.

Registration Fees





Early Bird (until 15 June 2024)




The registration fee will cover access to all sessions, lunches and mid-morning/afternoon refreshments for two days, and one-year membership to PMRN.